Injoy Kegel Exercise Weights - Set of 6 -

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Ladies, It’s not your fault! stuff happens - but mostly when you wish it wouldn’t!


Take Control Of Your Bladder - If you are tired of anxiety related to “accidents” that occur when you exercise, laugh or cough (or just for no reason at all); firstly, you’re NOT ALONE and secondly you can do something about it. Tighten your vaginal muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor in just a few minutes a day and you will notice, very quickly that those little leaks are becoming less and less frequent.


Advance At Your Own Pace - after all, no two vaginas are the same - InJoy Kegel Weights are recommended by doctors for beginner and advanced exercisers. In this kit you receive 6 pelvic floor weights - in different sizes and weights.


Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone - we provide you with a comprehensive training manual. Follow the instructions and you will quickly turn back the clock to a time before pregnancies, childbirth and age got the better of your lower half. Once again feel confident, carefree, vibrant and dare I say “sexy”?


“Sexy” is a State of Mind - Exercising your sex organs has many advantages! Firstly, the exercise can be quite enjoyable in its own right and secondly, tightened vaginal muscles and a strong pelvic floor will provoke orgasms that will knock your socks off (should you happen to be wearing them at the time).


All InJoy products are made with the absolute safest and most comfortable materials and lots of loving care!